Jerome Froese - Radio Pluto (EP) An official preview release for Jerome's full length album "Neptunes". The EP with two album cuts and one unreleased track was released in May 2005.
Jerome Froese - Neptunes (Album) Jerome Froese's first-ever solo album. For those well acquainted with his history, it might not come as a big surprise that a big part of the sound is dominated by Jerome's guitar work. On "Neptunes", shoegazing guitar walls meet melodic solos and crystalline acoustic pickings on a distinctive electronic foundation.
Jerome Froese - Precooked Munchies (EP) Designed to reduce the waiting time for "Shiver Me Timbers". A five track preview EP with over 30 minutes of all new music! Including two album and three bonus cuts. All EPs were be signed by Jerome Froese. There were several versions but not all available (click on the covers):
Jerome Froese - Shiver Me Timbers (Album) Like on "Neptunes" everything you hear is mainly based on guitars but in some places it sounds quite different to its predecessor. You'll find spheric guitar walls and arppegios as well as distorted and disturbing moments. "Shiver Me Timbers" opens another chapter which is definitely linked to Jerome's handwriting.
Info: Year: 2005 Tracks: 3 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moonCD-701 Media: CD
Info: Year: 2005 Tracks: 11 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moonCD-702 Media: CD
Info: Year: 2007 Tracks: 5 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moon ltdCD-001 Media: CD-R
Info: Year: 2007 Tracks: 11 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moonCD-703 Media: CD
next next Standard version in black Standard version in white Special whitsuntide version in blue with yellow stars + hidden audio track Special version in yellow for U.S. label (audio content unchanged to standard version) Special "Friendship Edition" in red. Limited to 15 pre-release copies given from Jerome to his closest friends (audio content unchanged to standard version) ECO edition in green with plant. PROTOTYPE! Only one copy under the ownership of a fan (audio content unchanged to standard version) PROMOS were available in white, black and yellow color
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