Title: Mandala Studio: NHK Type: Award winning Documentary Country: Japan Format: Television Info: Jerome’s first soundtrack with “Tangerine Dream”
Title: Tatort - Bis zum Hals im Dreck (Schimanski - Thanner) Studio: Bavaria Type: Movie/Series Country: Germany Format: Television, DVD Info: A spin-off from Germany’s most popular crime series, Tatort.
Title: True North Studio: BMG/Miramar Type: Documentary Country: USA Format: VHS, DVD Info: “Tingiyok” features the track “Touchwood” from “Rockoon”  
Title: Three Phase (Past, Present, Future) Studio: BMG/Miramar Type: Concert Music Video (Tangerine Dream) Country: USA Format: VHS, Laser Disc Info: Grammy nominated as “Best Long Form Video” in 1993
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