Very spacy! If you've had a heavy session and you want to come down, stick this on. Curl up in a little ball and let the dreamy tones fly you away. (BBC Radio, UK on Neptunes)   
If you like this, fine, but then you might as well accept atomic energy. (Main-Spitze, Germany on TD) 
... the title of the new record is very nice. It really reflects the cozy feel of Gobelin tapestry in an old house or club. (Comment by a german journalist while doing an interview for “Goblins Club” in 1996)   
... a hidden gem! (Birmingham Post, UK)
Jerome Froese ist TD in Höchstform. (OX Magazine, Germany issue #79)
Thanks to a diversified timbral palette and extremely effective percussive work, “Shiver me Timbers” has turned out an energetic and coherent work with a wide, cinematic sound. (Tokafi, Online)
Ein spannendes Album, das sich einfachen Kategorisierungen entzieht - aber genau das ist der große Pluspunkt.. (Zillo, Germany 02/2008)
Betrachtet man nun die Platte als Gesamtwerk, muss man ihr aber dennoch einige Qualitäten attestieren: Sie besitzt trackübergreifend einen roten Faden, ist also als Gesamtwerk in sich stimmig ... (CD Starts, Germany)
His music always manages to retain its form without descending into an elaborate navel- gazing exercise as can happen so easily with ambient music. Gentle, warm and beautiful. (musicOMH, London, UK)
Neptunes is an interesting affair, and will appeal to those with a keen ear for post rock tapestries and spacey electronica. The album has much in common sonically with the likes of Slowdive and Seefeel, who made similarly experimental use of the old six string on their 90s output. A respectable chill out album. (Unlimited/CMU Beats, UK)
Neptunes, is the fantastic solo debut album from guitarist Jerome Froese. If you want to calm the most highly strung human being then this album is for you! (Bent, UK)
Sehr ambient stellenweise und auf jeden Fall geschmackvoll. (Indigo "Notes", Germany)
The track “Towards the evening star” is musical moth powder (Keyboards, Germany in 1996)
El disco es de sorprendente diversidad, y en él se pueden encontrar temas paisajistas, otros de carácter más introspectivo y algunos cercanos a la música de baile. (Generacion XXI, Spain)
... un premier album bien fait. (Forces Paralleles, France on Neptunes)
Ein hörenswertes Album, das in seinen besten Momenten einen robusteren, gitarrenlastigeren Sound als TD fährt und auf allzu poppig säuselnde Melodien verzichtet. (Eclipsed, Germany 04/2006 on Neptunes)
... das hat Klasse! Froese junior hat mit Neptunes ein Klasse-Debut hingelegt. (Progressive Newsletter, Germany)
The history of Tangerine Dream is the history of electronic music. (Sound on Sound, UK)
... Tangerine Dream stays vigourously on track and on theme, daring their listeners to follow them into the surreal landscapes of the dreamed and desired. (New York Times, USA)
My eyes sting and all I have to wash them with is soundscapes. (Subba - Cultcha, UK)
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