Jerome Froese - Far Side Of The Face (Studio Album) "Far Side Of The Face" is a mixture of conciliative and optimistic tunes combined with Jerome's signature sound of guitar sequencing, pumping beats, FX gimmickry and atmospheric layers, making his music to be one of a kind. On "Far Side Of The Face" you'll find longing, devotion and self-discovery as part of an intimate journey.
Jerome Froese - Cases Of Recurrence (Compilation) A compilation of all the EP's by Jerome Froese plus two bonus tracks. This CD will be released in a small edition on June 8th 2012 and will only be available through our Cybersounds webshop and selected dealers. 
Jerome Froese - #! (Shebang) EP The first solo release by Jerome Froese since 2012 contains two completely new tracks which are more electronic than on the previous EP's + his famous guitartronica experiments. Third one is an all new version of the 2005 track "At Marianas Trench" from his debut album "Neptunes".
Jerome Froese - Orange Sized Dreams (Compilation) A personal selection of tunes from Jerome Froese's past with Tangerine Dream. The first chapter covers the years 1990 - 1995. On OSD you'll only find remixed, overhauled, re-recorded and leftover tracks. Several titles were carefully restored from the original 24 track tapes and MIDI files which partly results in a complete reshape of the material.
Info: Year: 2012 Tracks: 9 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moonCD-705 Media: CD (Digipak)
Info: Year: 2012 Tracks: 14 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moonCD-706 Media: CD
Info: Year: 2014 Tracks: 3 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moon ltdcd-004 Media: CD
Info: Year: 2014 Tracks: 11 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moon CD-709 Media: CD
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