Unformatted music has always been a major part of Jerome Froese’s life. Born in West Berlin, Germany as the only child of Edgar Froese the founder of the legendary electronic group, Tangerine Dream.   Musical socialization was kind of unavoidable for the young child. This also put him in the very fortunate position to be able to be in contact with synthesizers and other electronic music equipment long before more than half of the world’s population was even aware that such devices existed, let alone that they could be employed for creating anything other than dissonant noises.  In his teens, he thus started to improve his skills on a variety of different instruments and, slowly but surely, turned into a veritable multi-instrumentalist, playing electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and drums in a variety of different projects. As none of these would be of longevity due to problems arising between the different line-ups, Jerome finally decided that it would be the best to take his creativity into his own hands. He, therefore, spent several years learning the secrets of music production, MIDI sequencing, sampling and recording. Recognizing the talent of the young lad, Tangerine Dream asked him to contribute a guitar solo to the album "Lily on the Beach", in 1989, and, one year later, when a member left the band, to join the group as a full-time member.  After 16 years, six Grammy nominations and numerous highly acclaimed album releases and tours later, Jerome Froese was not only one of the longest serving key members of the group, but has also left his distinctive mark on TD’s sound. One could say that the time was more than ripe for him to bring out solo albums as well.  After his debut "Neptunes" (2005) which received a lot of kudos from both press and listeners in the UK and the USA, Froese is taking his musical vision one step further towards the creation of his individual sound called "Guitartronica". Sequences, pads and effects, triggered by guitars, are combined with traditional licks and solos, creating a mixture that is nothing short of unique. The second album called "Shiver Me Timbers" (2007-08) gradually unfolds its hypnotic, almost meditative qualities, evolving into a both very vibrant and extremely laid-back sonic experience of Dream Pop, modern Electronica and Rock guitars.  Despite the fact that Jerome is working on his third studio album called “Far side of the face” and also did the “DM V” release for TD, he managed to release the EP “Preventive Medicine” in late 2010. In 2011, Jerome has newly-established “LOOM” a music project together with former TD member Johannes Schmoelling and Berlin based producer Robert Waters. 2011 also saw the release of Jerome’s live album “Nightshade Family” and the first Moonloop EP “Einzelkind”. In 2012, Jerome will be performing with “LOOM” once again and in June his third solo album will finally hit the streets. Another release will be the compilation “Cases of Recurrence” which features all of his EP’s plus two bonus tracks.   After several live concerts with his project LOOM in the period 2011 - 2016 and the release of their first studio album in 2013, he is currently working on new solo material, collaborations and live appearances.
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